About Us

Two high school sweethearts finally tying the knot. Together since 2007, We are the classic case of opposites attract. Daniel played football, was outgoing, and hung out with the “popular crew,” and Fabi was just this shy, quiet girl. But soon after a quick trip to Flagstaff, we began talking more and more. We went out on many dates, spent hours on the phone, and just wanted to be around each other all the time. And the rest is history! 9 years later Daniel proposed at a restaurant with a very beautiful view and Fabi said yes. We have 12 years’ worth of memories together, we have our 2 fur babies, have traveled together, and waited for each other to finish school. Our relationship has not been easy or perfect, but no matter what we go through, we don’t give up on each other, and our bond and love just grows stronger each day. We can’t wait for this exciting new chapter to begin!